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We at Synergy Spa & Wellness help you reach YOUR unique and optimal potential. There is a delicate, yet very powerful relationship between your body, your mind, and the environment. To achieve total wellness, there must be balance in this relationship. We live in a world of constant stress. A health crisis, obesity, toxins in air and water (the two essentials for life), bankrupt food, stress with finances and life stages are just a few of the issues that can create imbalance for you. Total wellness is a different way of looking at ‘health in general. It focuses on BALANCE. Here at Synergy Spa & Wellness, balance in physical health is our goal. We strive to inspire you with passion, patience and perseverance to help you reach your goals.

Health and wellness solutions at Synergy Spa of Acworth, GA help you look and feel your best

All About Synergy

Learn about electrologist and licensed skin care specialist Shahida Baig, and Synergy Spa of acworth, Georgia
There is a beautiful relationship between body, mind and environment. Understand and use it to your advantage to enjoy life to the fullest.

All About Your Skin

Skin care or electrolysis treatments from synergy spa in Acworth can give you the radiant elegant look you deserve.
Find your Balance and Be-You-ty, because you are unique! Your skin is a showcase of your health and stress level.

All About Wellness

synergy spa of acworth offers a variety of solutions,products and classes designed to improve your overall wellness.
Wellness is a state of being; the rest follows naturally! We can help you create a wellness home so that you can achieve a healthy physical balance.