Wellness is a state of being, the rest follows Naturally.

At Synergy we help you create a wellness home where the essentials of better sleep, good air and water, nutrition and fitness are in balance. These essentials are not only individually significant they are mutually dependent as well. Through various products and services, we help you build and maintain a wellness home. We help you detox to get rid of toxins in your environment and body so your body can heal as it was designed to do.

Here are some of the benefits of bringing wellness into your home:                      

•   Strengthening the Immune System
•   Beautifying the Skin
•   Creating Abundant Energy
•   Losing Weight and Feeling Great
•   Eliminating Unhealthy Cravings
•   Diminishing Toxins from your Living Environment
•   Living Your Life to its Best Potential


Originating in China, Qigong has been used for centuries for overall health and wellbeing. In this class you will learn a series of gentle flowing movements that will have a positive effect on all the joints of the body. Deep abdominal breathing creates a rhythmic harmony in the mind, and allows a unified flow of energy throughout the body. Everyone can benefit from Qigong as it is a powerful tool for prevention. Most students report feeling energized yet calm at the completion of class.

qigong classes at synergy spa of acworth, GA can help you tap into your body's energy.

The Possible benefits are:

•   Increase joint mobility
•   Increase overall flexibility
•   Increase body awareness
•   Increase lung capacity
•   Improved immune function
•   Stress relief
•   Suitable for all levels as it can be performed seated or standing